Tsutomu Nihei, otherwise known as The Architecture Major That Was Really Into Transhumanism And CyberPunk And Then Stuff Got Weird.

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"What if you don’t complete the person that completes you?"
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White girls:'OMG I'm so sick of white girl jokes! Not all of us like Starbucks and Ugg boots and iPhones! We're individuals with different likes and dislikes! Stop using stereotypes! It's racist!'
Same white girls:'OMG I loooove Korean men, they are so cute! Japan is so amazing. *turns around to a Chinese-American girl* So you like sushi, right? Why dont you wear lolita? -You'd look SO cute in it! I LOVE kimchi! You're not...quiet... like other Asians! But your eyes are so big- you must be white! Can you eat rice plain? I HATE plain rice. Do your parents own a Chinese food store? *reblogs a thousand creepshots of Asian girls and ramen noodles* *uses random Japanese words* *calls themselves honorary Asians* *wants to move to Korea to stalk idols*'

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if anyone ever picks a fight with u online reply with this gif to scare them awayimage

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